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Facial Treatments

All our facial include a hands and head massage. We highly recommended a course of treatment to achieve optimal results

02 Lift:                         €90 - 60 Min          Course Of Treatment:  €360 - 5 Treatments
Oxygen provides a host of benefits to the skin. It instantly brightens, speeds up healing and circulation by bringing nutrition to the skin, fights toxins and reduces stress, .This luxurious treatment designed to exfoliate, illuminate and oxygenate all skin type. The O2 Lift infuses peptides and high concentrations of enzymatic botanicals into the skin making this treatment which absolutely everyone would benefit from.

Image Signature Facial:  €90 - 60 Min          Course Of Treatment:  €360 - 5 Treatments
The ultimate skin therapy for prematurely ageing, dry or devitalised skin. Every part of this miracle treatment encourages flawless skin and perfect tone. This revolutionary treatment performed with high doses of the most sophisticated forms of Vitamin C for extreme rejuvenation. Glycolic acid and gentle but highly active enzymes speed up cellular turnover to brighten, tighten and nourishing hydration your skin to leave you feeling fully refreshed and renewed.


Max Facial:                  €100 - 60 Min          Course Of Treatment:  €400 - 4 Treatments

Turn back the clock and enjoy smoother, firmer, youthful-looking skin with this high performance anti-ageing treatment. It reduces the appearance of deep lines and wrinkles and slows down the decline in hormone production, protecting the collagen and elastin which is so essential to skin smoothness. You’ll be ready for your close-up in no time!

Mini Facial:                  €65 - 30 Min

A Short Nap:                €60 - 40 Min              
Our Silk's secret head massage is a wonderfully relaxing treatment that will energise your mind and allow tension to slip away. The treatment incorporates shiatsu and acupressure techniques on the head, scalp, face, neck, upper back, shoulders, arms, ears and hands, helping to relax tense areas and re-balance the body energy by releasing any areas of negativity or stress.



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