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Foot Treatments

You put the weight of the world on your feet, so it’s best to give them the attention they deserve

Simple Polish:            €25    30 Min

On the Way:             €35    30 Min

This basic pedicure includes a foot soak, toes shaping, cuticle care, buffing, a coat of hydrating cream before long lasting polish of your choice.

Comfort Me:             €50    45 Min

Treat those overworked tired feet to an ultimate indulgence with our oriental spa pedicure. Relax and unwind during an aromatic foot soak, your feet will be scrub up nicely with our milk and honey deep cleansing scrub to ensure your skin glows with vitality. The treatment finishing with rejuvenating foot and leg massage, followed by a polish of your choice.

Pamper Me:              €65    60 Min

This treatment involves a spa pedicure at its finest with our geranium and orange pure organic! In addition to a basic foot care treatment, the feet are wrapped in moisturising butters infused with relaxing essential oils, and then followed by a warm Paraffin Infusion Mask. Upon removal of the mask with warm towel, your feet will feel it's softest with this ultimate pampering pedicure.

Good Bye Callus:      €60    60 Min

Strappy sandals and peep toe shoes mean the spotlight is on your feet, and you'll find everything you need for a complete foot care from our callus peel treatment. Using soft patches apply on the feet during the treatment, this gentle yet effective peel removes unwanted and stubborn hard skin areas .Your feet will feel soft and smooth in no time. The treatment is completed by applying moisturizing cream and polish of your choice.

Callus Peel Add On:  €15    20 Min


Melt Me:                  €50    40 Min
A luxurious treat for those parts of the body that work so hard foryou, but can so often be left neglected. A total experience of foot care using Almond Oil and Poppy Seed Scrub without Polish. Thetreatment is pure relaxation and releases tension to leave your foot conditioned and your spirits uplifted. You will just melt away!

Male Pedicure:          €55    45 Min

This treatment begins with a warming soak, followed by a relaxing exfoliation. Nails are left detailed, shaped and buffed.

Princess Pedicure:      €23    30 Min

For Little Princess under 13, we offer a very special treatment with a sparkly lotion, sweet candy sugar scrub, and polish of any choice! Perfect for any special day!


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